ZipBridge is the new way to get a team on the phone in seconds.

ZipBridge automatically calls everyone and bridges them together as they answer.

Your team will know when they are needed without phone chains or emails to arrange an unscheduled call.

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Here’s How ZipBridge Works in 3 Easy Steps

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Our Emergency Outbound Calling Service

ZipBridge offers an emergency outbound conference calling service that reduces the response time needed to assemble a team when communication, simplicity and time are critical.

With ZipBridge, any authorized individual can launch the call and an outbound call is placed to each member of the group or response team and they are bridged together as they answer.  No time is spent looking up numbers or dialing pins, resulting in quick and simple communication solutions when time is critical.

Anyone involved in incident or emergency management knows communication service is critical to a prompt and accurate response. ZipBridge facilitates this communication solutions by placing outbound calls to members of the team and bridging them together on a conference call as they answer.  This solution eliminates the delays of waiting for someone to become aware of the need to join a call through email or text message as well as the delay in finding and entering the digits needed for a conference call. Within seconds the whole team can be communicating and determining the best next steps, saving time, frustration, money and maybe even lives.

Critical Emergency Response Solutions

ZipBridge is designed for instant emergency conference calling, but works equally well for any unscheduled conference call. 

Sales, Facilities, IT, Security and Executive Staff are just a few of the functional areas that often have a need for an unscheduled “emergency” conference call and need to bridge a team on a call to debrief and formulate a solution when time is critical.

Please review our services to learn more about how ZipBridge emergency outbound conference calling and bridge lines can be put to use by your organization to help in reducing time while improving communication service when seconds count!

If you need to bridge a team together for a calling service and bridge lines, get in touch with us today.