ZipBridge is the new way to get the team on the phone instantly. You launch the call for a Group from your Contacts, Smart Phone App or Computer and we call all the Members simultaneously placing them on a conference bridge as they answer.

Getting Started

You can start using ZipBridge as soon as you signup and receive an email with instructions and credentials. The next step is to login to setup some Groups and associated Members you would want on a call.

Setup Your Groups

Login by using the link at ZipBridge.net and setup your Groups. Enter the Group Name and note the Caller ID that will display when that Group is called. If you have a ZipLaunch Number you will enter the 3-digit ZipLaunch Code that allows you to select this Group when you call the ZipLaunch Number.

ZipLaunch Code Screen

Setup Your Members

After you enter a Group you can add Members including their Cell, Other Phone and Email. We call each Member on up to two numbers and send them an SMS and Email alert if they miss the call. You can enter any number in the US or Canada and add an Extension or setup an account for international numbers if needed. Use the Directory in the upper right if adding the same Member to multiple Groups.


Using ZipBridge

When you’re ready to launch a call you can dial the ZipLaunch Number and Group Code and then hold while we call the Members of the Group – OR – you can launch the call from your Smart Phone or Computer. See the FAQ page for more on Smart Phone access.

ZipBridge Best Practices

To assure Members recognize the call they should enter the ZipBridge Group Caller ID (469) 249-3777 in their Contacts and add a custom ring tone to the Contact so they will know by sight and sound when a ZipBridge call is coming in.

If using a ZipLaunch Number, anyone that might need to launch a call should enter the ZipLaunch Number and ZipLaunch Code in their Contacts. This way any Group can be launched by tapping or voice dialing the Contact entry – no numbers to remember or access.

To use the Smart Phone App to launch calls or send Bulk SMS go to the Mobile Login Page and Share or Save it to your Home Screen then check “Remember Me” for one tap access in the future. See the FAQ for more information.